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PrivateInvestigatorOhio Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality of clients’ data and information is the top concerns at Confidential Investigative Services. We understand that your personal information needs be kept confidential. Your information will be protected from third party access during all stages of the investigation process. To maintain the security and confidentiality of personal information, we regularly audit our programs and company policies. We understand that if even a very small data leakage occurs, then organizations will not come to us in the future. We have formulated stringent information management policies that secure all personal information we work with from third party access.

At Confidential Investigative Services, we promise to keep your information completely confidential and will not provide access to any unauthorized persons. It is a part of our company policy to keep the confidentiality clauses updated and in no instance violate this policy.

Confidential Investigative Services’ confidentiality policy includes:

  • Personal data is provided only to those authorized to access it. Without your express permission, even family members cannot access your investigation information.
  • While your investigation is ongoing, only the assigned investigator and his or her direct supervisor have direct access to your investigation’s information.
  • Personal information of any type is never handed over to third parties.
  • A legal confidentiality agreement is available to any customer who wishes to utilize it.

At Confidential Investigative Services, we only offer a 100% secure and confidential solution. We also understand that time equals money, and offer quick and efficient services for all our customers. At Confidential Investigative Services, you can be assured that you will only get the best we have to offer.

  • Skilled staff: Our investigators are specially trained and highly experienced. This ensures they can safely handle sensitive and confidential information.
  • We offer Emergency Services if you need the investigation started immediately. We work 24/7/365 on Emergency Services cases.

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