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Corporate Investigation

Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common for employees to steal from and abuse privileges provided to them by their employer. There are a wide variety of reasons you may need an internal investigation for your business, including:

  • Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Infringement of Copyrights
  • Collusion between Vendors and Marketing Personnel
  • Drug or Alcohol Use in the Workplace
  • And more

Whether you don’t have a department properly trained for this type of internal investigation, or the investigation will involve sensitive personnel and you are not confident that the investigation can be completed without bias or influence, we can help. At Confidential Investigations, we have the training and experience to ensure that your investigation turns up all pertinent evidence without any influence from within your company. We can also help you complete as much of the investigation as possible without alerting anyone to the investigation. If you need a corporate investigation, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


"I have used Confidential Investigative Services on more than one occasion. They make pre-employment checks simple and painless, and if I ever have a problem I need looked into with one of my employees, they are always discreet." - Our Client

"We suspected that we had an internal drug problem in our warehouse. We contacted Confidential Investigative Services and they were able to identify the persons involved and obtain the evidence we needed to get rid of those employees. While they were solving that problem, they also uncovered an internal theft ring that was costing us approximately $4000 per week. Hiring Confidential Investigative Services was an extremely good investment for our company. I would highly recommend them to any company with internal issues that are costing you money." - Our Client

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