Protect Your Company Against Dishonest Employees

Trust our FMLA investigator in Macedonia, Akron, OH and all of NE Ohio

As a company owner or manager, you are required to comply with FMLA requirements. Unfortunately, there will be some employees who will try to take advantage of this federal labor law. If that's the case, you are not only down a worker, but you are also losing money.

Lewis Investigations will get to the bottom of it with our FMLA investigation services. You can count on us to determine if an employee is being honest or if they are just trying to get their benefits without doing the work.

If you believe that you may have an employee taking advantage of this federal labor law, contact us so that we may assign one of our FMLA Investigators in Macedonia & Akron, OH to your case.

Do Not Let Your Employees Take Advantage of You

Hire us to conduct a workers' compensation investigation in Macedonia, Akron, OH and all of NE Ohio

Did one of your employees file a workers' compensation claim, but you are skeptical about their true motives? If you do not think they are telling the truth about their illness or injury, call the workers' comp investigator at Lewis Investigations in Macedonia, Akron, OH and all of NE Ohio. We will gather all the facts, so you can lead an unbiased investigation against them.

Workers' compensation can benefit your company, but only if your employees are honest. That is why you will need our help to reveal the truth. Contact our workers' compensation investigation company today.

Within 48 hours of the conclusion of our investigation, you can expect to review a professional, court-ready report, surveillance video and any other documentation resulting from our investigation through our secure, online case management platform.