We will Help You Find Who You are Looking For

Work with our missing person private investigator in Macedonia, Akron, OH and all of NE Ohio

Even if the police run out of leads or stop looking altogether, we will not give up, unless you instruct us to do so.

We classify a Missing Person as any of these:

  • Runaway cases
  • Debtor Locates
  • Former Tenant Locates
  • Locate Individuals for a Judgement Settlement
  • Former Significant Other or High School Sweetheart

Our missing person private investigator can even help you find a friend or significant other you have lost touch with over the years.

*To ensure the safety of individuals, when we do certain locates, we will contact the located person first and see if they authorize us to share their contact information with the client.

Whether your situation is dire or you are merely acting out of nostalgia, we are here to help. Contact us for missing person investigation services in Macedonia, Akron, OH and all of NE Ohio today.

Feeling uneasy about a relationship?

Are you seeing signs that your significant other is not being faithful? Even if our clients have just a "gut feeling", we prove that the suspicions were valid about 80% of the time. Even though the evidence we present to you may be very hurtful, the suspecting, but not knowing is worse. When we get our clients the answers they deserve, we often hear "I wish I would have done this months ago." Living with that uncertainty is not only agonizing, but unhealthy.

Call us for a free consultation. We will let you know our recommended strategy to get the answers you deserve and give you an idea on the costs involved.


Is one parent consuming alcohol or drugs and telling the court they are not?
Is one parent allowing the child to be around people with whom the child should not be?
Is one parent not spending much time with the child during his / her scheduled visitation, but asking the court for more time?
Is one parent not providing the appropriate safety the child deserves?

We have shed light on these, and many more, issues over and over and we can do the same for your case!

A parent's most important job it to protect their children. Many times the courts refuse to believe a parent when it's just "he said, she said". That's when you need to tip the scale in the child's favor by hiring a child custody investigator from Lewis Investigations. We will bring the evidence that we gather to court and and show the court what is really happening.